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Product Specifications

The Leica Q2 Reporter Essentials:

  • Matte green finish
  • Without the Leica dot on the front
  • 47.3 MP CMOS full frame sensor
  • HighRes OLED electronic viewfinder (3.68 megapixel)
  • Fixed 28 mm fixed prime lens (Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH.)
  • 4K Video
  • Fast Auto Focus
  • Dust and spray water proof (IP52**)
  • Made in Germany

Leica Q2 Product description:

With the Leica Q2 Reporter camera, the company continues a long tradition of cameras that are specifically geared towards the challenging working environments of reportage and press photographers. Instead of the traditional leather trim, the design variant features a protective ‘body armour’ made of Kevlar, a synthetic material also used in high-grade protective clothing. The Kevlar fibres become slightly more raised over time, which further improves the photographer’s grip on the camera. This improved protection is combined with a more discreet design and a special matte green finish, which is particularly scratch and abrasion-resistant. All technical features and performances are identical to the serial Leica Q2 camera.
**Ingress Protection, class 52: Protected against dust in damaging quantities. Protected against dripping water when the body is tilted at 15°.

Leica Q2 Reporter in stock


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