Voigtlander 28mm f1.5 VM Nokton Vintage Line ASPH Type I Lens Silver


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Voigtlander 28mm f1.5 VM Nokton Vintage Line ASPH Type I Lens Silver

The Voigtlander NOKTON Vintage Line 28mm F1.5 Aspherical, is an interchangeable lens designed exclusively for full-frame VM mount cameras. The Vintage Line currently consists of seven lenses, three with the F1.5 specification: 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm, and now the new 28mm makes four.

The new NOKTON Vintage Line 28mm F1.5 Aspherical is a wide-angle lens that combines three elements: a large aperture, compact dimensions, and outstanding optical performance. At F1.5 the lens is very fast for a 28mm wide angle, with a compact 43mm filter diameter and 45.5mm length for portability.

The classically designed lens barrel is equipped with a 10-element 8-group optical design featuring two double-sided aspherical lens elements. This delivers outstanding optical performance even wide open at F1.5. The minimum focusing distance is 0.5m by the use of a helicoid that can be moved out further from the 0.7m distance  depending on the camera) linked to the rangefinder.

Two different styles will be offered: The Type I is made of aluminum and weighs 250g. The Type II is made of brass and has a tactile quality due to its increased weight of 330g. The Type I styling is reminiscent of modern classic lenses of the 1970s in matte black paint or silver, while the Type II, reminds us of the famous lenses of the 1960s and is available in both black paint and silver finishes. The optional LH-6 lens hood with slits fits both Type I and Type II styles.

In addition, the Type II includes a focusing knob that offers an alternative manual focusing experience. The accessory knob can be attached to the focusing lever by unscrewing the screw in the finger recess and reattaching it with the new knob. The focusing knob is metal and focuses the lens at approximately 1 meter from the lens mount when turned to the 6 o’clock position, allowing the user to zone focus by the angle of the knob.

Even though the optical design of this lens is optimized for use with rangefinder-coupled digital and film cameras. It also may be used on mirrorless cameras through the use of a lens mount adapter, making it suitable for use on a variety of platforms beyond rangefinder cameras.

Main features:

  • Retro “look” and styling
  • Double-sided aspheric lenses for excellent optical performance
  • Highly rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for reliable focusing
  • Bayonet type VM mount
  • High-precision rangefinder linkage mechanism
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.5m
  • Beautiful bokeh with 12 aperture blades

Voigtlander 28mm f1.5 VM Nokton Vintage Line ASPH Type I Lens Silver


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