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Repairs & Servicing

We offer a wide range of repair and service options both through partnered manufacturers and carefully selected agents. Generally speaking if it is mechanical; no matter the age of the camera, lens or other optical device, we will find a way to bring your beloved kit back to life. We can have modern digital cameras repaired through their respected manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Nikon and Leica Germany. Below is a rough guide to prices and turn around times, however this should not be taken as gospel as parts and labour are very tricky things to estimate especially when considering the age of the items involved.

Turn around usually ranges between 4-6 weeks, HOWEVER There are not that many engineers left in the UK that are skilled enough to work with these precision instruments, times may vary depending on part availability and workload. Please bear this in mind if you are thinking about having your kit repaired with us.

If you would like to arrange the service or repair of your kit please get in touch in one of the following ways:

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