Voigtlander 28mm f2.8 Color-Skopar Aspherical VM Lens Type II Black


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Product Specifications

The Voigtlander COLOR-SKOPAR 28mm F2.8 Aspherical VM Type II is a high-performance wide-angle lens focused on light handling for rangefinder cameras. The latest optical design and aspherical lens elements maintain the same optical performance as our Voigtländer ULTRON Vintage Line 28mm F2 Aspherical VM, while keeping the maximum aperture at F2.8 to achieve extreme portability.

Type II has a modern style with a straight helicoid system. The lens exterior is made of aluminum to further reduce weight. It is available in black and silver finishes.

All models have extremely compact exteriors, and the lenses combine the mobility of a rangefinder camera with the beautiful design of a snap-shooter. The optical system consists of 8 elements in 5 groups, including one double-sided aspheric lens. The lens has been optimized for use with rangefinder-linked digital and film cameras. It is also easily used with mirrorless digital cameras by using Voigtländer mount adapters. All models include a metal screw-in lens hood and a metal front lens cap.


Main Features:
  • Compact exterior for portability
  • Retro style, reminiscent of vintage lenses
  • Double-sided aspheric lens for excellent optical performance
  • Highly rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for accurate focusing
  • Built-in rangefinder interlocking system (min distance 0.7m)
  • Available in bayonet-type VM and screw-type L mounts.

Voigtlander 28mm f2.8 Color-Skopar Aspherical VM Lens Type II Black


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