Voigtlander 75mm f1.5 ASPH Vintage Line Nokton Black


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Product Specifications

The VM mount interchangeable lenses of the Voigtländer “Vintage Line” series for rangefinder cameras combine an exterior design reminiscent of the glamorous styling of classical lenses now regarded as historical masterpieces together with optical performance that matches contemporary photographic equipment. In the Vintage Line series, there are currently five types of lenses from a 21mm super wide lens to a 50mm standard lens, and all lenses have been well received by users. This new lens is a fast, maximum aperture short telephoto lens which proves to be a fantastic addition to the Vintage Line series.


The NOKTON Vintage Line 75mm F1.5 Aspherical VM is a compact large maximum aperture short telephoto lens with an optical configuration featuring 7 elements in 6 groups. The lens has a large maximum aperture of F1.5, yet features both compactness and high performance. The optical formula utilises an element with aspherical surfaces to ensure excellent optical performance from maximum aperture. The lens is 63.3mm long (measured from the lens mount) for minimal intrusion into the image frame when used on a rangefinder camera and the lens has a beautiful barrel design with good handling. The aperture mechanism features 12 aperture blades for a very close to circular aperture opening, and the synergistic effect of the F1.5 large maximum aperture combined with the short telephoto focal length makes the lens ideal for imaging expression utilising very blurred backgrounds. The lens is designed for use on rangefinder-coupled digital and film cameras, but can also be used on a range of platforms with mount adaptors.


This lens will be offered in black and silver, and both versions will be manufactured as part of the normal lineuprather than as limited editions. Each version of the lens comes with a designated reversible slit lens hood in the matching colour.

Voigtlander 75mm f1.5 ASPH Vintage Line Nokton Black


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