Leica Apo-Summicron SL 50mm f2 ASPH Lens


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Product Specifications

Optical design
Number of lenses/groups 12/10
Number of asph. surfaces / lenses 4/3
Entrance pupil position 63.2 mm at ∞
Distance setting
Working range ∞ to 0.35 m
Smallest object field 120 x 180 mm
Largest reproduction ratio 1:5
Setting/function Electronically controlled aperture, set using turn/push wheel on camera, including half and third values
Aperture setting range 2 – 22
Lowest value 22
Bayonet/sensor format L-Mount, full-frame 35 mm format
Filter mount E67
Dimensions and weight
Length to bayonet mount 102 mm
Largest diameter 73 mm
Weight 740 g

Leica Apo-Summicron SL 50mm f2 ASPH Lens


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